Tahi&co was started by Raylene Barton in 2015 and manufactured lip balms and candles for corporate branding. 
Raylene has been developing and manufacturing lifestyle gifts in Australia since 2010. 

Tahi & Co are proud collaborate with a local company of young, fresh and innovative industrial designers. They are a eco company that do everything under one roof, from design to recycling and manufacture. Locally sourced plastic waste is sorted, cleaned,  and then shredded. “They divert plastic waste from landfill and give it a new life as a useful product, contributing to the circular economy.”


Tahi&Co specialises in custom lip balms, bath salts, diffusers and scented candles for personalised gifting.
Our aim is to provide a creative yet simple solution where you will have full control over all the ingredients and packaging. In a few easy steps you can create your very own branded product online. 

Step 1. Choose package. 
Step 2
 choose ingredients.
Step 3 choose quantity .

Then simply press on ‘get a quote and we will get back to you with your quote.


Vegan and Cruelty Free

Our products are ethical, vegan and cruelty free certified. We use only fresh ingredients that are nature identical and of the highest quality.

We use the highest quality eco friendly soy wax with a small amount of paraffin wax added for maximum scent throw. You get the best of both worlds with a clean burn of soy wax and fabulous fragrance throw. Our fragrance oils and lead free wicks are the highest quality.

Custom candles, Diffuser and Bath Salts. Your scent, your look.

All of our home fragrance is made with premium wax, oil and/or fragrance. We use high quality ingredients that you have control over. Our salts are therapeutic and the tints are FD&C colours. Home fragrance make the perfect lifestyle gift and we have range of packaging options loved by all.

All of our products can be branded with your logo.

Plastics: Embossing or Debossing. Paper sleeves
Candles: sticker labels, paper sleeves, hot ink stamp 
Lip balms: Sticker labels
Reed and flower Diffusers: Hot stamp, sticker label
Bath salts: hot stamp, sticker label
Embossing/debossing and hot stamp all require a 1 time set up fee.