Ariel home fragrance and natural lip balm.

one&co have another business retailing home fragrance, body care and lip balm online.

I would like to introduce Ariel’s World to you.

My name is Raylene and I am a single mum to Ariel, who has Down syndrome. I am sharing our story of my entrepreneurial lifestyle, my love for my daughter and everything in between. I hope to show you that even though we are different from what society considers a typical family may look like, we lead a full and happy life.

Having Ariel has been a fulfilling experience. We found out only moments after she was born that she had Down Syndrome which was overwhelming to say the least. It was to change things for me from this point on.

Very early with my added responsibilities I  came to realise that I would need to find inspiration.  To provide for, now not only for myself but for my daughter after I was gone.

Families with children who have special needs quickly come to realise that they need to provide for their children through trustees or executors or administrators via complex trust structures to protect them when they are no longer around. Governments can provide only so much.

Ariel Home Fragrance and lip products.

I always had a love for home fragrance and thought to pursue my passion as a means of providing a means of providing for others as well as for my little girl.

Today I run a modest little business out of my home with a small but loyal clientele whilst providing me with the time to spend with Ariel to attend to her learning requirements.

A percentage of every sale is be quested to The Down syndrome Assn NSW and LifeStart  to assist many other parents and children like Ariel, so that they too can lead healthy and happy lives.

Assist Ariel and others like her for a better tomorrow through our quest at Ariel’s World

Original Ariel Candle
Ariel Home Fragrance
Ariel lip balm
Mojito Candle. $5 fro every sale goes to charity

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