Charity Lip balm

Lip balm make great giveaways at charity events. The charity is printed on the label. This will  ensure it will be remembered long after the actual event. Lip balm can also be sold to raise money for the cause. I actually have a range of lip balms in my retail range. Some of the proceeds go to Down syndrome NSW and Lifestart early intervention services. You can view my website  here

At one&co we are also happy to give charities a discount or collaboration deal. Cherish Womens Cancer Foundation was my first charity lip balm. I made gorgeous strawberry lip balm in pots. The pink in the logo matched the tint in the balm.

Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation is a nationally registered not-for-profit organisation based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Founded by Professor Andreas Obermair in January 2012, Cherish was established to generate funding for research and clinical trials that could be developed and implemented quickly to find kinder ways to treat women with gynaecological cancer.

For more information go to the website 


Gum Blossom was the other charity but it is no longer in operation.


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