Co-branding with one&co

What is co-branding?

Co-branding or brand partnership or has become very popular in the last decade. It is basically an alliance between two brands on one product or service. This can increase audience and open up to new opportunities. For this to work there has to be a win win for both brands.

Here at one&co I have worked with a few larger companies in cobranding on scented candles and lip balms.

Co-Branding with Style Angel

I was contacted by PR for  Style Angel for this co-branding idea. These were used as gifts at one of her events. They did social media marketing for me and also during the event. This was my first collaboration and it was a small audience but I could see the value of this type of marketing.

Cobranding on scented candles and lip balms for Style Angel and one&co


Co-branding with Modi Bodi

I answered to a call out on Sourcebottle and the PR from ModiBodi contacted me. They wanted merchandise for a gift with purchase and we worked out a deal for co-branded candles and lip balms.

Co-branding Modi Bodi and one&co


Co-branding with Soar Collective

The cobranding with Sour Collective is another collaboration I did in exchange for social media marketing to widen my audience. This is especially good as the audience were business woman at this event.

Co-branding Soar Collective and one&co


I am always open to cobranding and collaborations with other companies so please feel free to contact me  to discuss possible opportunities.



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