House of Ariel

House of Ariel was initially started with one flagship candle and established to support the growth and development of Ariel, a little girl born with Down Syndrome by her mother Raylene. A percentage of profits from our products go to the Down Syndrome Association NSW. The remaining profits will help support the extra social and educational needs of Ariel as she grows and develops. We hope this is a business that will eventually be Ariels to own. 
Ariel means Lioness of God and the Archangel Ariel oversees the well-being of animals and the conservation of our natural world. Ariel products are made using natural resources and are made without harming animals or the environment.

Our mission and vision
Our aim is to create and sell products that are cruelty free and kind to the environment and are enriching and nourishing to people physically and spiritually. To give back to the community with our charity program.