Lipstick Replublic cruelty free lip balm Austlalia

Here at one&co we produce cruelty free lip balm.

Lipstick Republic is an online store selling unique and “the underground” cosmetics.  They specifically sell only cruelty free make up. This makes one&co the natural choice for Lipstick Republic when they wanted cruelty free lip balm for their giveaway. The black label on black tube works very well and there are grey graphics in the background which look very cool.  This image of the label following is clearer than the lip balm image below.

Lipstick republic label graphics


The The owner of lipstick republic wanted the cool tingle of peppermint on the lips so we used pure peppermint essential oil for this. The peppermint oil in lip balm is very popular. It has a cooling and stimulating effect.  The result was great and these would have made a wonderful gift with purchase.

Cruelty free lip balm for lipstick republic


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