Pan Pacific Hotel candles for gifts at staff conference.

I was contacted by the marketing manager at Pan Pacific Hotel Group as she was looking for candles as a gift for a staff  conference. She wanted something specific and there wasn’t anything  on our fragrance list. I spoke to Megan on the phone to find more about what she was looking for. We had a lovely chat and I was given a brief I could work with. I have access to a large selection of fragrance and I came up with quite a few samples to fit the brief. I met up with Megan for coffee and to go over the samples. She loved them and found 2 stand outs  to choose from. She loved white shot glass jar and we did an clear label with a black and matt gold logo. The results were fabulous!


Pan Pacific candles. A beautiful gift for staff conference

The client was very happy with the result and to quote:

“The candles were really well  received and so much better than the usual chocolates/ pens etc that no one really wants!”

I loved working closely with Megan to achieve exactly what she wanted. If you are looking for gifts for a staff conference contact me now. Raylene Barton. Owner one&co

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