Promotional Lip Balms for The Dentist – my humble beginnings.

one&co is only a few years old but it is actually the baby of a past business I had called 1Skin Solution. Originally I wanted my own skincare line and started making promotional lip balms to fund it. This was back in 2011 and I was the patient coordinator at The Dentist at 70 Pitt Street when we came up with the idea. I had made lip balms in pots before to sell at the markets with my bath and body products.  Dr Tijana Fisher (the principal Dentist at the time) was very keen to help me with my dream so I made up some samples and we eventually chose a mini balm and a simple clear label with the logo. My First promotional lip balm was made 🙂

The promotional lip balms are received by every patient at their hygienist appointment. Everyone loved them and told us so. We had a business coach within the practice at the time and she was also impressed so I designed  a brochure and got it printed.

My humble beginnings



As my business grew (and improved) I decided to leave the practice but my daughter Ariel and I still visit regularly for our dental appointments. My daughter has Down syndrome and they are all amazing with her. She loves to visit the dentist!

1skin Solution bath & body never really got off the ground. I had my child and my priorities shifted. I kept making lip balms and added the candles to keep it simple. Now that Ariel is growing up I will extend the product line at tahi&co.

“Raylene is sensational as a Client Coordinator for “The Dentist at 70 Pitt Street”.
I wish I had a Raylene in every practice with which I work.
Raylene is professional, efficient, confident, very well presented, a quick learner and clear thinking.
Raylene has been a high contributor to the success of the business.”  Kathleen Mckeller Business Coach

“Raylene provides a prompt service and is not afraid to contribute some excellent marketing ideas whether or not they are related to her product. Her product is sophisticated and highly customized for our needs. We even choose our own ingredients! She has a can-do attitude rarely seen in this industry and it is always a pleasure dealing with her!” Dr Tijana Fisher Dentist

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