Sustainable eco friendly gifts

Tahi & Co sustainable eco friendly gifts


We are very proud to offer as many sustainable eco friendly gifts as we can. One of the initiatives we have is our post consumer plastic coasters. We send all of our plastic to be recycled into these amazing gifts.

If you would like a sample head over to our retail shop and purchase a pack of 4. 10% of all proceeds go to charity.

sustainable eco friendly gifts
post consumer plastic coasters for House of Ariel.

The new design of the coasters have grooves which catch water droplets from the glass and prevent water gathering on the table. This design also stops the coaster sticking to the bottom of the glass. Made using 100% recycled plastic waste sourced locally in Sydney. The patterning and colour of each coaster is unique due to using recycled plastic. House of Ariel

You can design the recycled paper box with company artwork and even emboss the clatters with your logo.

The polypropylene used to make our lip balm tubes is BPA free and all of our glass is recyclable.

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